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From Cypress Choral Music

the Vancouver Youth Choir Series

“The music in this series is all repertoire that my singers and I have performed and loved. We hope you love it too.”
Carrie Tennant
VYC Artistic Director & Co-Editor and Creator of this series

As The Ship Went Down

SATB with piano, SSAB with piano

Artist: Woodpigeon
Composer: Mark Hamilton
Arranger: George Chung

How long can you hold your breath? Imagine the trauma of being on a sinking vessel. This very cool song by Woodpigeon (Canadian band from Calgary) makes an exciting choral work with George’s arranging skills – complete with polyphony and canon.

Ave Maris Stella

TTBB – a cappella, SATB – a cappella
Composer: Diane Loomer
Presented by many choirs since its publication, the is a favorite Nova Scotia Latin canticle with a simple harmonic arrangement.

Behold Emmanuel

SATB – a cappella
Composer: Diane Loomer
This arrangement based on “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” trades the familiar theme among all four voices, with each part taking its turn accompanying, yet it easily maintains the stylistic integrity of that beloved melody.

blue is a colour - thank you green

SATB with piano
Composer: Benjamin Sigerson
“blue is a colour / thank you green” is a poem written by Jasmine Choi. Benjamin set the text for the Vancouver Youth Choir with lush choral sounds and jazz sensibilities. It is a melancholy and gentle piece that explores relationships of colour and emotion – heart-break and love.

Bonny Portmore

SATB – a cappella
Arranger: Phillip Lapatha and Dorothy Dyck
This arrangement of the Irish folksong is musically characterized by lush harmonies, full texture, and a loyalty to the original strophic structure of the song. The song tells the melancholic story of the Great Oak of Portmore, a grand tree and symbol of nationalistic pride for Ireland that fell in a great storm in 1760.

1) Earth 2) Air 3) Fire 4) Water

SATB - A Capella
Composer: Katerina Gimon
Elements was composed in 2013 and premiered in March 2014 by Laurier Singers under Lee Willingham. This set of works abstractly depicts the four classical elements and explores the wide range of capabilities of the human voice – from overtone singing, to vocal percussion, to colourful vocal timbres. This set of works is a 2016 SOCAN Young Composers Competition Winner, 2015 Vancouver Chamber Choir’ Young Composers’ Competition winner, and a 2014 IAWM Search For New Music winner.


SATB with piano
Composer: Emile Deedes-Vincke

From despair to hope, from darkness to light; commissioned by Laudate Singers, Ignite is a joy to sing. This original composition and poem is intended to inspire listeners with with a message of hope. Singers and listeners will reflect on the light within each of us.

The piano part falls nicely under the fingers. With long lines, a beautiful melody, and intuitive voice leading, this song is a great choice for choirs of all ages and abilities.


SATB - A Capella
Composer: John Washburn
Listen to the exciting Vancouver Chamber Choir performance. This song is the tenth movement in Jon Washburn’s “A Dylan Thomas Christmas”. Several movements are also sold separately and this is one of them. The little drummer boy and friends visit the manger with a rhythmic welcome.

Royal Hudson

SATB with piano, TTBB with piano, SSA with piano, SAB with Piano
Composer: David Baker
Arranger: Larry Nickel
Listen to the Chor Leoni performance. This song is a real cooker. Get on board and ride along British Columbia’s famous coastline. Baker’s railroad rhythm captures the excitement of one of BC’s landmarks – famous engine #2850 – the Royal Hudson.

See Amid the Winter Snow

SATB – a cappella
Composer: John Washburn
Listen to the evocative Vancouver Chamber Choir performance and study the well crafted score. This song is the fourth movement in Jon Washburn’s “A Dylan Thomas Christmas”. Several movements are also sold separately and this is one of them. It doesn’t get more Christmasy than this.


SATB with piano

Artist: Woodpigeon
Composer: Mark Hamilton
Arranger: Greg Martin

The gentle sentimental ballad Spirehouse reflects upon the constant challenge of accepting the vulnerability that accompanies heartfelt connection with another person.


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