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Carrie Tennant Choral Series

Carrie Tennant Music Series

from Hal Leonard

In the new “Carrie Tennant Choral Series” singers and conductors alike will benefit from Carrie’s innovative programming and artistry.

Our Choirs - Vancouver Youth Choir

Vancouver Youth Choir Series

from Cypress Choral Music

The music in this series is all repertoire that Carrie Tennant and the Vancouver Youth Choir have performed and loved. We hope you love it too.

“North” Choral Score

Sleeping at Last - the "North" tradition

“North” Tradition

In lieu of paying for the choral score arranged by George Chung, Ryan O'Neal (Sleeping at Last) asks that you make a donation in any amount to one of the following charities.

Please be honourable in your donation amounts. We recommend a minimum donation of $2 USD per singer performing the piece.


All Is Bright

Best Of the Holidays

Get in the festive spirit with some of VYC’s Christmas favourites from over the years.



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