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Help us get to Istanbul!

Make a donation today to help VYC represent Canada on the world stage.

The Vancouver Youth Choir is one of the 10 choirs worldwide selected to perform at the ICFM World Symposium of Choral Music taking place in Istanbul in April 2023.

Each choir selected to perform at the Symposium is among the best in the world. We are so incredibly proud of the hard work our singers have put in to reach this level, and we can’t wait to represent Canada on the world stage!

Our singers are university and high school students with part-time jobs, trying to make ends meet in this incredibly expensive city. Asking them to pay thousands of dollars for travel is out of the question.

We are determined to help make this opportunity possible by raising $126,000 to cover the cost of airfare for each of the 70 singers in the choir. While this is ambitious, these singers have worked so hard, and they truly deserve our support! Please donate if you’re able.


The Vancouver Youth Choir is a registered charity, and can accept tax deductible donations and issue tax receipts.

Like so many arts organizations, VYC has had to quickly adapt and change in order to weather the storm of COVID-19. Thanks to the dedication of our singers and staff, and the generous contributions of our patrons, we were able to endure concert cancellations, outdoor and online rehearsals, and almost two years without a live performance.

Now, as we look to the future, VYC wants to do more than rebuild – we want to thrive. Please consider donating your time or funding to VYC, and help us continue to foster the artistry and community of the almost 300 singers in our organization. Your patronage directly supports VYC’s mandate: to develop creative, caring citizens who value contributing to and investing in their communities.

Thank you to our loyal donors and sponsors for supporting the amazing work of the young singers in VYC. It is so clear the difference that music makes in the lives of these young people, and we are so grateful for your help in making their success possible.

How to donate

Donate by PayPal

Reach out via email

Mail a cheque

Vancouver Choral Arts Society
PO Box 98813, The W Po.
Vancouver, BC
V6B 0G0

Special Thanks

We are so thankful to our sponsors and patrons for helping us bring our music to you!
Patrons of VYC

Dick & Diane Loomer

Founding Patrons


Y.P. Heung Foundation, Martha Lou Henley Charitable Foundation, The Mirhady Family Foundation, Keith & Betty Beedie Foundation, The Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation, Deux Mille Foundation, Raymond James Canada Foundation, Diamond Foundation, John C. Kerr Family Foundation, The Christopher Foundation, The Edith Lando Foundation, The Hamber Foundation

Inner Circle ($3000+)

Leanne & Bob Dalton, Pete Chamberlain, Dan Loomer

Director Circle ($1500-2999)

Don & Lorna Blake, Patrick Roberge Productions Inc., Vaughn Chauvin & Carolyn Shiau, Jenny Tennant

Donor Circle ($500-1499)

Nicky Anderton, Sheree Bishop, Connie Buna, Larry & Maggie Burr, Virginia Engel, Ellen Giesbrecht & Les Nerling, Violet Goosen, Janice Groff, Keith Hamilton, Young Hwa Kang, Darlene Lamb, George Laverock, Daphne Lobb, Don Maclean, Isabelle & Paul Milley, Jennifer Mossop Scott, Ruth Mossop, Art Newman, Eric Pan, Sandra Phillips, Margaret Rankin, Martha Rans, Wendy Rattray, Nicole Stewar, Monica Tai, Nicki Tennant, Jugroop Tontti, Dion Willis, Jianping Zhu, William Zwozdesky

Supporter Circle ($150-499)

Janet Allwork, Nicky Anderson, Sam Balden, Peter Bayley, Catherine Beeckman, Larry Blackman, Gerda Blok-Wilson, Peter Boyle, Elisabeth Bridger, Leslie Burdak, CanSing, Louise Chen, Chu Cheong, Diana Clark, Tedd Cragg, John Culter, Glen Davis, Dawn Dye, Morna Edmundson, Yi Fan, Brett Fehlauer, Marlene Franks, Jeanette Gallant, Christopher & Jennifer Gaze, Peter Gibson, Allison Gorman, Lynn Gosselin, Don Harder, Jenny Hart, Kate Hull, Suzy Hupfau, Robert Kopstein, Michael Kuhlmann, Kari Lamotte, Frank Lee, Jeanette Lee, Ardine Leitch, Scott Leithead, Larry Lim, Don Loncasty, Luke McAndless-Davis, Connie McGill, Jacqueline Mitchell, Allison Prinsen, Lynda Rathburn, Ruth Reynolds, Siobhan Sams, Christopher Susanto, Craig Tompkins, Pasi Tontti, Janet Warren, Brian Wing, Steve Yeomans

VYC Fan ($50-149)

Christina Acton, Deirdre Baird, Robert Beda, Mimi Beyene, Taylor Bone, Nicholas Burns, Thomas Burns, Kerry Carswell, Emily Tzu Pei Chang, Advani Chavez, Zander Chila, Better Cosar, Quinn Crosina, Pauline DeCloedt, Heidi Degestein, Kiara Desjarlais, Ian Edmonds, Thomas Edmonds, Charlotte Edwards, Katherine Evans, Katerina Gimon, Susan Graham, Jill Guthrie, Heather Hay, Martha Lou Henley, Libby Ho, Nina Horvath, Derek Kief, Melanie Kim, Steven Kinkead, Chantal Larrivee, Vaughan Marshall, Greg Martin, Andrew Massil, Colleen Maybin, Tyler Milley, Jan Mitchell, Janet Nordstrand, Robin Norman, Erica Northcott, Tamara O’Brien, Judy Peacock, Sharlene Petigara, Diana Popowycz, Jane Robertson, Isobel Rose, Carmen Rosen, Margeaux Samis, Harry Senges, Gail Silver, Cahterine Smith, Erin Smith, Jonas Stanford, Sophia Stevenson, Krisztina Szabo, Cameron Tatham, Carrie Tennant, Miwa Todani, Michelle Tseng, Cynthia Van Ginkel, Bill Veenstra, Karyn Way, Evelyn Wedel, Nancy Wolchok, Freeman Woolnough, Joy Yin, Shufang Yin

All names listed above are as of December 2022.

Donations made in memory

In Memory of Renee Edwards

Blake Edwards, Sean Edwards, Denise Gsponer, Jean & Ed Henderson, Kristen & Mark Johns, Mary Ann Pritchett, Nancy Schuchard, Iris Sharir, TQ Construction