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Your donations are directly responsible for helping us to foster artistry within this vibrant and inclusive community.


The Vancouver Youth Choir is a registered charity, and can accept tax deductible donations and issue tax receipts.

At VYC, we strive to create a place to belong — a space where children and youth can explore their creativity, develop their musical talents, and grow into confident leaders. We believe in the transformative power of music and the immense potential within every young artist. That’s why all children who love to sing have a place in the Vancouver Youth Choir family. Our donors are directly responsible for helping us to build this vibrant and inclusive community.

Please consider donating your time or funding to VYC, and help us continue to foster the artistry and community of the almost 500 singers in our organization. Your patronage directly supports VYC’s mandate: to develop creative, caring citizens who value contributing to and investing in their communities.

Thank you to our loyal donors and sponsors for supporting the amazing work of the young singers in VYC. It is so clear the difference that music makes in the lives of these young people, and we are so grateful for your help in making their success possible.

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Vancouver Choral Arts Society
Kerrisdale PO Box 18033
Vancouver, BC
V6M 4L3

Special Thanks

We are so thankful to our sponsors and patrons for helping us bring our music to you!
Y.P. Heung Foundation, Deux Mille Foundation, Horsman Family Foundation, Hamber Foundation

The Christopher Foundation,  Martha Lou Henley Charitable Foundation, The Mirhady Family Foundation, Michael & Inna O’Brian Foundation, Peter & Chloe O’Loughlan Charitable Fund, Alan & Gwendoline Pyatt Foundation

Corporate SUPPORT
Corporate Sponsors
“VYC makes my kids better human beings.”
Leanne Dalton
VYC Parent
Dick & Diane Loomer
Inner Circle

Pete Chamberlain, Leanne & Bob Dalton, Matha Lou Henley, Douglas Loughran, Jennifer Mossop-Scott, Vaughan Chauvin & Carolyn Shiau, Trista Straver, Jenny Tennant, Aldrich Pears & Associates

Director Circle
Catherine Beeckman, Don & Lorna Blake, Jugroop Tontti
Donor Circle
Paul Bishop, Kevin Brennan, Connie Buna, Catherine Campolin, Mary Carlsen, Ted Chiasson, David Cousins, Ted Cragg, Christopher & Jennifer Gaze, Robyn Klassen, Darlene Lamb, Daphne Lobb, Katerina Lu, Connie McGill, Ruth Mossop, Michelle Peacock, Sandra Phillips, Margaret Rankin, Siobhan Sams, Peter Shklanka, Nicole Stewart, Monica Tai, Johanne Voogd, Dion Willis
Supporter Circle
Janet Allwork, John Bethel, Bluesky Homestay, Dawn Boudreau, Belinda Boyd, Peter Boyle, Eric Bretsen, Elisabeth Bridger, Jonathan Buchwald, Burrowing Owl, Carruthers Cosmetic Surgery, Emily Tzu Pei Chang, Lokesh Chaudhry, Kuen Chow, Susan Dent, April Deutsch, Terry Dirbas, Aldyen Donnelly, Virginia Engel, Arlene Gladstone, Allison Gorman, Don Harder, Lorna Hawes, Barry Honda, Heather Ireland, John Kelsall, George Laverock, Jonathan Leebosh, Bruce Lemer, Daniel Lewen, Gillian Lippert, Avora Maitland Collins, Krissy Manalo, Bruce McAndless-Davis, Paul Palmer, Judy Peacock, Chad Rathleaf, Jane E. Robertson, Akira Sakai, Polly Sams, Elaine Sargous, Sophia Schnieder, Jasmine Sidhu, Robert Smith, Roger So, Alessandro Tadde, David Tait, Carrie Tennant, Nicki Tennant, Liz Tuck, Bill Veenstra, Jon Washburn, Carl Wiebe, Barbara Wilson, Brian Wing, Lisa Zuccolo
Paige Anderson, Nicky Anderton, Herb Auerbach, Francisco Avelino, Charissa Bagan, Deirdre Baird, Christine Bentley, Mimi Beyene, Guido Biemold, Erin Blake, Marie Brooks, Jennifer Buchwald, Doug Burns, Joao Candeias, Kirsty Carpenter, Pat Carpenter, Steve Castle, Ian Chan, Tiny Chang, Cecilia Chueh, Christina Cichos, Diana Clark, Daisy Colina, Gary Collins, Doug Colpitts, Jane Coop, Vicki Corker, John Culter, Heidi Degenstein, Sheila Edmonds, Morna Edmundson, Andrew Evans, Katherine Evans, Laurier Fagnan, Donald Farion, Vanessa Fors, Cathay Frey, Mal Grewal, Sandra Harley, Kate Harris, Heather Hay, Georgia Hill, Thomas Hohendorff, Kathy Holmes, Mike Hope, Debbie Horkoff, Ray Horst, Nina Horvath, Heinrick Huttunen, Shaun Jackman, Sharon Kahn, Danica Kell, Janet Kidnie, Harry Kirkland, Tiffany Kuhlmann, Ka-Hay Law, David Lemon, Mario LePage, Tania LePage, Karen Leung, Brandon Lim, John Lind, Louisa Lun, Gord Maclean, Jason Madill, Nicolas Maftei, Aine Mahony, Angelica Maia, Arwina Kristina Manalo, Isaac Marshall, Monica Mashal, Clint Maxwel, Nancy Maxwel, Patrick May, Luke McAndless-Davis, Erica McCuig, Inkeri Meharg, Richard Mockett, Michelle Moonsammy, Mary Morris, Ellen Najjar, Jane Nascou, Greg Noble, Andrea Page, Eric Pan, Jean Passi, Ron Patrickson, Sandra Peacock, Merrin Penney, Annie Pirie, Nicole Poirier, Frances Potgieter, Lynda Rathburn, Lois Rumsey, Chantelle Sabasch, Akira Sakai, Vilma Santos, Felicity Schweitzer, Greg Sexton, Harold Shaver, Janet Shaw, Gail Shepherd, Aaron Shi, Cory Smith, Karen Stierhoff, Darren Stone, Olena Sysoyeva, Elnaz Tahanha, David Tait, Craig Tomkins, Michelle Tseng, Janet Warren, Lana Whyte, Adam Williams, Nancy Wolchok, Simon Wong, Alexander Wu, Lu Cecile Yu, Fiona Yue, Jutta Zeisler, Jessica Zhong, William Zwozdesky

All names listed are as of February 2024.