Vancouver Youth Choir is a registered charity, and can accept tax deductible donations and issue tax receipts.

We hope to continue building a strong and healthy donor base, in order to ensure the growth and development of this exceptional group. Our goal is not only to build skill and artistry in these young singers, but to foster creative, caring citizens who value contributing to and investing in their communities.  Money donated to VYC goes towards bursary programs, tour funds, building our music library, concert production, general operating costs, and other areas where we may need help each season. Any donation, no matter how small, would be gratefully received as a contribution towards achieving our goals. 


Vancouver Choral Arts Society
PO Box 98813, The W Po.,
Vancouver, BC
V6B 0G0


VYC Fan ($50-149)

Victor Burke, Adrienne Cayetano, Louise Chen, George Chung, Leanne Cody, Jane Coop, Ted Cragg, Pauline DeCloedt, Carol-Anne Doucet, Kemp Edmonds, Jane Fernyhough,        Susan Graham, Janice Groff, Michelle Hartley, Daniel & Kathy Holmes, Lars Kaario, Eric Kristensen, Patrick Kwok, Philip Lapatha, Rachele Laride, Brandon Lim, Maria Marshall, William Marshall, Gabrielle Mew, Lawrence Mollerup, Edith Morgan, Susan Paquette, Elaine Perry, Ashley Roe, Roberta Russell, Tim Shantz, Catherine Smith, Jocelyn Steedman, Sophia Stevenson, Alexander Wu, Gwendolyn Yip, Flora Zhang


Supporter Circle ($150-499)

Janet Allwork, Maria Alway, Nicky Anderton, Bluesky Homestay and Student Services Inc., Siyi Chen, Florence & Chu Cheong, Mary Chinni, Donald Cyr & Ruth Reynolds, Arkun Durmaz, Mel Edwards, Renee and Sean Edwards, Suzanne Finch, Anne Giardini, Don Harder, Won-Young Hwang, Kari Lamotte, Ka-Hay Law, Daphne Lobb, Hazel Mackie, Michelle Mares, Vaughan Marshall, Luke Mcandless-Davis, Jaegen Milley, Christine Pfortmueller,  Elodie Portales-Casamar, Margaret Rankin, Lynda Rathburn, Siobhan Sams, Donna Savage,   Ian Sigurdsson, Theresa Stowe, Nicki Tennant, Pasi & Jugroop Tontti, Bill Veenstra, Johanne Voogd, Janet Warren, Jon Washburn, Brian Wing


Donor Circle ($500-1499)

Francisco Avelino, Sheree Bishop, Lorna & Don Blake, Chad Griffiths, Darlene Lamb, Jocelyn Liu, Katerina Lu, Donald Maclean, Isabelle Milley, Sandra Phillips, Wendy Rattray, Carolyn Shiau, Monica Tai, Sandra Veenstra, Dion Willis


Director Circle ($1500-2999)

Martha Lou Henley, Jenny Tennant


Inner Circle ($3000+)

Pete Chamberlain, Ann Chen, Leanne & Bob Dalton, Dan Loomer



Martha Lou Henley Charitable Foundation, Deux Mille Foundation, Y.P. Heung Foundation


All names listed above are as of July 2020