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the Carrie Tennant Choral Series

In the new “Carrie Tennant Choral Series” singers and conductors alike will benefit from Carrie’s innovative programming and artistry.

We're From Barcelona - Carrie Tennant Choral Series

We’re From Barcelona

SATB, Accompaniment Score and Parts

Artist: I’m from Barcelona
Composer: Emanuel Lundgren
Arranger: Keith Sinclair

In the new “Carrie Tennant Choral Series” singers and conductors alike will benefit from Carrie’s innovative programming, leadership and artistry. This upbeat and stylish arrangement of the song by the Swedish pop group “I’m from Barcelona” is full of love and joy. The lyrics express the joy of sharing music with friends.

Barun Barune - Carrie Tennant Choral Series

Barun Barune

Composer: Amy Stephen, Amir Haghighi
This Iranian Folk Song, arranged by husband and wife musicians Amy Stephen and Amir Haghighi draws on the diverse ethnic population of this rich musical heritage. The original Farsi language (also known as Persian) is used here. An easy to understand pronunciation guide is included with the music and an audio recording is provided on line so director and students can hear the text spoken.
Secret For The Mad - Carrie Tennant Choral Series

Secret For The Mad

Composer: Dorothy Clark
Arranger: George Chung
British singer, songwriter Dodie says “I wrote this for a friend who I heard was going through a rough time. Today, though, I sang it for myself.” This song offers a proactive opportunity for you and your students to discuss ways to deal with worry and anxiety. This is a powerful message set to an equally powerful melody. This is the first in an exciting new series curated by Carrie Tennant.
Fix You - Carrie Tennant Choral Series

Fix You

Artist: Coldplay
Composers: Guy Berryman, Chris Martin, Jon Buckland, Will Champion
Arranger: George Chung
Here is a wonderful choral arrangement of the popular Coldplay song about the loss of a loved one and the challenges we all face in our daily lives. This flexible arrangement can be performed successfully with or without the small group part, with an SATB choir and a solo quartet, or with an SATB choir and a trio of treble voices. Make it your own.
January Hymn - Carrie Tennant Choral Series

January Hymn

Composer: Colin Meloy
Arranger: Keith Sinclair
Colin Meloy from the Indie Folk Rock band The Decemberists has written this beautiful song. Using winter as both the literal season and as a metaphor for losing and longing for a loved one, this song is great for young singers as they work to interpret song lyrics. There are no wrong answers as they dig into this wonderful song.
Vichten - Carrie Tennant Choral Series


Composer: Arthur Arsenault
Joyful, energetic, and just plain fun describes this piece by Acadian composer Arthur Arsenault. The words are made up of nonsense syllables, similar to Scottish “mouth music” where the voices are intended to mimic instruments. With optional percussion, spoons, and handclaps, this piece exemplifies unbridled joy. More “outside the box” material from the Carrie Tennant Series.
Malakatumba - Carrie Tennant Choral Series


Composer: Josu Elberdin
Malakatumba was born as a game, using imitating sounds and vocables that could form words with resonances t other languages. there really is no meaning to the sounds. It opens with a 4 voice canon on top of a 3 voice harmonic base. Each voice builds a fun ostinato with colorful harmonies and the use of body percussion as a festive element. It is a work that invites you to dance and sing with joy and rhythm.


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