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About the Vancouver Youth Choir

Founded in 2013 by Artistic Director Carrie Tennant, the award-winning Vancouver Youth Choir provides a space for promising young singers to develop their artistry in a creative and supportive environment.

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In ten years, the Vancouver Youth Choir has grown from a single choir of 30 members to over 450 members across 7 ensembles:

Members represent 16 municipalities in the Lower Mainland, including 45 different high schools, 113 elementary schools and 10 different post-secondary institutions.
“One of the most important new choral initiatives in this region during the last decade.”
Jon Washburn
Artistic & Executive Director Emeritus
Vancouver Chamber Choir


Founded by Artistic Director Carrie Tennant as an ensemble of 30 singers

Became the associate choir with the Vancouver Chamber Choir

VYC began joining this ensemble for guest performances and collaborating on major works

Introduced VYC Junior

The Vancouver Youth Choir's second ensemble, VYC Junior, is established for singers in grades 7-10.

Introduced VYC Kids

The Vancouver Youth Choir's third ensemble, VYC Kids, is established for singers in grades 3-6.

Attended Montana's International Choral Festival

Represented Canada at the International Choral Festival in Missoula.

Won Canada's top youth choir nod

VYC won first prize in their category in the National Competition for Canadian Amateur Choirs.

Performed at PuSh

Participated in Vancouver's PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.

VYC Junior does their first BC Tour!

Introduced VYC Tiny

The Vancouver Youth Choir's VYC Tiny - a short-term choral opportunity each spring for singers in kindergarten-grade 2

Performance with Elektra and Ben Heppner

VYC Kids performs with Elektra and Ben Heppner at Elektra’s Chez Nous concert

Performed in concert with Charles Bruffy

VYC presented workshops and performances with Grammy Award winning conductor, Charles Bruffy.

European Tour

VYC performed by invitation at the Festival International Choral en Provence (FR), and the Alba Classical Music Festival (IT).

Introduced VYC Voices

The Vancouver Youth Choir's newest ensemble, VYC Voices, is established for singers aged 15-24 with no previous choral experience.

ACDA Performance

VYC is invited to represent Canada at the 60th anniversary convention of the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA).

Performance with Dodie

VYC Junior invited to perform with singer-songwriter Dodie at the Vogue Theatre

Co-founded Bridge Choral Collective

In response to the global pandemic, VYC formed partnerships with other Canadian choirs to build real-world musical connections with enriching artistic experiences.

Introduced VYC Treble

The Vancouver Youth Choir's newest ensemble is open to singers in grades 6 to 9. Members of VYC Treble build musicianship and long-lasting friendships in a joyful and creative environment.

Launched VYC Kindred pilot project

VYC created the new pilot project, VYC KINDRED. This free choir for newcomers to Canada was designed to provide an opportunity for 25 youth to learn music with two First Nations musicians.


The organization has grown to more than 375 members across 7 separate ensembles with opportunities for singers ranging in age from kindergarteners to 24.

Carnegie Hall Performance

Members of VYC choirs travelled to New York to perform at Carnegie Hall where Carrie Tennant guest conducted a concert of all Canadian choral music with choirs from across Canada.

VYC represented Canada at World Choral Symposium

In April 2023, Vancouver Youth Choir's flagship choir travelled to Istanbul to represent Canada as one of 10 choirs worldwide selected to perform at the World Symposium of Choral Music.


Our singers work incredibly hard – not because of fear, or competition, but because they truly believe that the art that they are creating together is important. They care for the music they are making, and they care for each other. We have taught them that they are responsible to and for each other. They have learned about accountability, and how hard work can reap great rewards. Through their experience in the choir, singers learn how to persevere, and how to be resilient in the face of obstacles or struggles. They learn about problem solving and communication, and a LOT about the power of collaboration. They have found confidence in, and been motivated by, striving for and achieving excellence, as well as how to handle obstacles and defeat.
VYC is widely regarded as one of the finest youth choirs in Canada. They have gained international notoriety for their adventurous “Grimes to Monteverdi” programming, their commitment to performing and promoting music from underrepresented communities, and their outside-the-box approach to shows, where they employ unique venues, multimedia, movement and staging.
“In all our levels, we strive for artistry and excellence. We believe in the artistic potential of young people regardless of their age, ability or experience. Just as important to us, however, is to create a safe and encouraging place for this artistry to develop. In addition to building skill and fostering talent, it is part of the Vancouver Youth Choir’s mandate to develop creative, caring citizens who value contributing to and investing in their communities.”
Carrie Tennant, Artistic Director
Carrie Tennant
Artistic Director

In this group:

Everyone feels like they can be themselves and take risks as artists. We conduct ourselves with grace and caring – onstage and off. We laugh a lot – together AND at ourselves We resist the temptation to “fold up” and protect. Instead we walk openly into connecting with others. We are, all of us, responsible to and for each other. We encourage, lift up and care for EVERY single singer. We take risks – personal AND artistic – as individuals and as a group. We are humble and eager to learn. We are thoughtful and reflective in our music making, and with each other…always willing to go deeper. We take ourselves seriously as artists, and accept the responsibility that comes with truly being an artist. We find original ways of doing things. We work really hard, because we understand that what we are creating together is important. We practice our music at home – not because we are afraid of quartet tests :), but because the artistry of this group matters to us. We work towards precision, beauty, and unity of intent and then…just sing with an open heart.

VYC In Action




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